I Noticed My Daughter Spends Longer Time In The Bathroom, I Opened The Door And Found This

I Noticed My Daughter Spends Longer Time In The Bathroom, I Opened The Door And Found This

I am a single parent to my daughter Janet, who is the only child I have left after my husband passed away three years ago. 

Janet brings joy to my life with her academic achievements, good behavior, and obedience.

However, I noticed recently she started showing one weird attitude which wasn’t her normal behavior of recent. 

Curious about what was happening I decided to unveil the mystery of what was happening to her in the bathroom exactly. Or perhaps, what she do kept her busy, and what I found was a great mystery and a pathetic one. 

So, on a faithful Monday while she was preparing for her Monday lectures, I decided to know what makes her stay longer in the bathroom. 

I know she does, wakes up around 6, sweeps the house then cooks her meal, before finally taking her bath around 7. So, I patiently waited in my room as its close enough to our bathroom. 

She hurriedly came to greet me, as she was late for her Monday class. I noticed she went in with her phone, I was really concerned about what she will have to do with her phone in the bathroom, however, I relaxed my nerves, as I want to see what she was actually doing in the bathroom red-handed. 

As she entered, I heard splashes of water which continues for a few minutes, however, after a few minutes, everything stopped, and the whole bathroom was quiet, which continues for like 5 minutes. 

At this point, I was well convinced that she was doing something hidden. 

Then I forcefully opened the door to find out. What I found was so saddening.

If you will like to know what happened next, kindly drop a comment below. 

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